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          Contact Us

          Contact: Toby

          Mob: +8618921102679

          TEL: +86-510-83394067
          Fax: +86-510-83383382
          E-mail: kdsales@wxkdyr.com
          Address:No.18 Yanyu Road, Qianzhou Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          Fabric Dryer

          • Medical Bandage Dryer

            Medical Bandage Dryer

            KD Type medical bandage dryer used for medical bandage to do bleaching, dyeing and drying.Read More
          • Medical Gauze Drying Machine

            Medical Gauze Drying Machine

            KD-160 Type medical gauze drying machine is used to dry medical gauze after scouring and bleaching.Read More
          • Vertical Dryer

            Vertical Dryer

            KD3-4 Type vertical dryer uses the YCJ-C variable speed machine and drying, and can be selected according to the fabric and drying conditions, and maintain a minimum tension, the drying out of the fabric can immediately move on to the next process.Read More
          • Rotary Screen Dryer

            Rotary Screen Dryer

            KD-R456 Type rotary screen dryer is suitable for drying the knitted fabric, include the overfeed device.Read More
          • Digital Printing Mesh Dryer

            Digital Printing Mesh Dryer

            KD-200 Type digital printing mesh dryer machine is mainly used to dry after digital printing, it is the newest product which imitated from GERMAN Thies. It has low noise, small recycle air-speed to dry. It can save energy, the fiber after drying can get perfect hand-feel, and...Read More
          • Sizing And Drying Machine

            Sizing And Drying Machine

            KD-180 Type sizing and drying machine is applicable to size and dry different kinds of fabric such as cotton, silk, chemical fabric etc before small and middle digital dyestuff jet printing.Read More
          • Non-contact Hot Air Drying Machine

            Non-contact Hot Air Drying Machine

            KD-874B Type non-contact hot air drying machine adopts non-contact hot air vibration principle, achieve delivered without tension, fabric hot air waveform vibrate in the ovens to make the fabric lowest tension and inner stress, and keep fluffy and soft. Special suitable for...Read More
          • 3 Layer Mesh Tensionless Dryer

            3 Layer Mesh Tensionless Dryer

            Tensionless dryer, named as cushion shrinking dryer, its model equipped with four layer-four passage return and three layer-three passage return. Over feed device are available in the fabric entry for full adjustment. Fabric on the net is tensionless and synchronous run with...Read More
          • Tensionless Loose Dryer

            Tensionless Loose Dryer

            KD-320 Type tensionless loose dryer machine is suitable for drying and sanforising process of tubular fabric and open-width fabric, etc.Read More
          • Three Layer Slack Dryer

            Three Layer Slack Dryer

            KD-180 Type three layer slack dryer is applicable of tubular fabric and open-width fabric, to loose type drying, super-feeding to transmit. It relaxes the fabric to the most ideal condition, decrease the extension ratio.Read More
          • Single Layer Mesh Belt Tensionless Dryer

            Single Layer Mesh Belt Tensionless Dryer

            KD Type single layer mesh belt tensionless dryer is applied the drying and preshrinking for all kinds of knitting fabrics.Read More
          • Preshrunk Tensionless Dryer

            Preshrunk Tensionless Dryer

            The preshrunk tensionless dryer through the effect of conveying mesh and high-efficient centrifugal fan, it is used for the preshrunk and drying treatment of various cylinder knitting fabric and flat breadth woven fabric.Read More
          Wuxi Kangda is one of the leading fabric dryer manufacturers and suppliers certified by CE, ISO and DAS. Welcome to buy fabric dryer for sale at competitive price from us here. Also, customized service is offered in our factory.
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