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          Contact: Toby

          Mob: +8618921102679

          TEL: +86-510-83394067
          Fax: +86-510-83383382
          E-mail: kdsales@wxkdyr.com
          Address:No.18 Yanyu Road, Qianzhou Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          Loose Fiber Dryer

          KD-B061A Type Automatic Loose Fiber Dryer is suitable for wool, wool-washing process and other bulk fiber drying.

          Product Description

          KD-B061A Type Automatic Loose Fiber Dryer is suitable for wool, wool-washing process and other bulk fiber drying.

          The Main Specifications of Loose Fiber Dryer

          Working Way:

          Continuous Loose Fiber Dryer

          Output Plate and Outlet Height:


          Width of Output Sheet:


          Output Sheet Size:

          20.5 m2

          Output Speed:


          Cooling Area:

          138 m2

          Steam Working Pressure:


          Heating Method:

          Aluminum strips around the tube

          Chamber Temperature:

          First section: 65℃~70℃

          Second section: 102℃~104℃

          Third section: 104℃~108℃

          (The above refers to the carbonization temperature, if used for simple drying temperature needed to lower a bit. )

          After Drying Moisture:


          Fan Speed:

          1000 Rev/min

          Upper Fan Air Flow:

          Lower fan air flow:

          ≈ 14900 m3/h

          ≈ 13700 m3/h

          Transmission Mode:

          Curtain: individual motor variable frequency stepless speed v-belt, turbine gearbox and chain drive.

          Shape Size:

          L:12775mm W:3450mm H:2635mm


          110 kg/h~350kg/h

          Random Supply of Accessories


          2.2KW 380V 960 RPM 6 sets

          2.2KW 380V 960 RPM 1 set


          4M speed radio: 1:5 power: 1.5KW 1 set


          A type 1905(A75″) 2 pcs

          Loose Fiber Dryer Structure

          This loose fiber drying machine is delivered from the chassis fan, blinds, heaters and other combinations formed. Racks are for the channel, angle iron and other components, main room with side fit two parts, steel isolation, main room installation of supply air curtain Panel heater and insulation plate, side fit fan is installed, transmission, gearbox. In order to prevent heat loss, surrounded by walls with insulation, main room equipped with a door that can be opened to facilitate repairs, topped with 2 open the exhaust air, moist air out of the body, but interface has an active regulator in order to regulate discharges of moist air, and another rectangular hole to adjust the air flow.

          Fan mounted to the right, 4 fans are upper, 2 are lower, fan centrifugal type impeller made of steel plate, the fans are managed by a separate motor.

          In main indoor II side with angle Guide, above has continuous of conveying Board, each block conveying Board of surface has many neatly of small hole, II end with rolled child Board-like chain makes each block conveying Board coupling growth and wide of conveying curtain, it is by chain drive, another end of sprocket axis frame can regulation, makes conveying curtain has appropriate of tension, in side indoor with motor through deceleration box makes whole conveying curtain in angle guide Shang slowly mobile.

          Heating system via the steam pipe into the steam heater, heater and 3 groups, arranged for 2 groups of upper, 1 lower part are choke trap.

          Transportation Board change of speed is stepless transmission speed ratio changes, based on specific requirements could rotate speed control handwheel stepless transmission speed by the Transportation Board.

          Packaging & Delivery

          Packaging Details: container packing

          Delivery Time: 30 days after confirmation




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