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          Advantages and operating procedures of garment sample dyeing machine
          Jun 25, 2019

          The garment sample dyeing machine is mainly made of all stainless steel during the production process. Its mechanical speed control has the advantages of no noise, convenient speed regulation, etc. It is suitable for seamless underwear, silk stockings, silk, etc. of hemp, cotton, rayon and blended. . The dyeing leaves are stirred in the forward and reverse directions to make the dyeing material into a floating dye state, with uniform dyeing and strong penetrating power, and it is not easy to damage the dye. It is the ideal dyeing equipment for garment dyeing and flexible operation.


          Advantages of ready-to-wear sample dyeing machine


          1. The machine is stable, safe and reliable, and the components are durable.


          2. Equipped with a continuously variable transmission, garment dyeing machine equipment, the operating speed of the blade can be adjusted according to different fabrics and loads.


          3. Install direct and indirect heating tubes at the bottom of the cylinder for heating, heat preservation and cooling.


          4. Adopt accurate time controller to automatically control the positive and negative running of the blade, so that the fabric in the cylinder rolls evenly, and the current price of the garment dyeing machine ensures the dyeing effect.


          5. There is also a small machine specially designed for dyeing a small amount of garment samples, with separate dyeing tanks.


          Operating procedures for garment sample dyeing machines


          (1) All parts of the machine equipment should be inspected frequently, such as whether the fasteners are fastened or not. If there is a problem, the garment dyeing machine should be disposed of in time.


          (2) Fabrics should be sorted according to color, texture, etc., and not all mixed together.


          (3) The amount of detergent should be moderate, too much or too little is not good.


          (4) When the water temperature reaches 70 °C, the steam valve can be closed.


          (5) After the operation is completed, the power of the equipment should be cut off to prevent it from being accidentally started. Come, that is, people call it IMD (transfer injection molding in the mold).




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