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          Advantages of garment printing machine and its printing characteristics
          Jun 11, 2019

          Compared with traditional printing, garment printing machines are not limited by the pattern and order quantity, and are more suitable for the short-sleeve and multi-variety fashion trend of today's textile and garment industry, which is widely used in the world. In the past, inkjet printing used a scanning method in which ink was printed on the fabric by multiple cycles through the left and right reciprocating movement of the print head.


          The feature of the garment printing machine printing is that the nozzles are arranged in a horizontally fixed manner, and the longitudinal arrangement is determined according to the required number of ink colors. When the printing is performed, the fabric is conveyed under the nozzle to realize high-speed printing. The biggest advantage of this full-width nozzle arrangement is the fast printing speed and low overall cost.


          The printing procedure of the garment printing machine is extremely simple. Only one computer needs to be prepared. One operator can perform the printing operation completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple and easy to obtain. The experience of the operator is not high. Just understand the simple image processing software.


          The garment printing machine has strong adaptability, and the flat digital direct-injection printing machine adapts to the printing of various materials in the market; the speed of the production of the board can be seen in 10 minutes, which is very suitable for the pictures with rich colors and gradient colors. print.




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