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          Advantages of loose wool dyeing machine
          Feb 18, 2020

          1. Air cushion structure, loose wool dyeing machine is equipped with chemical system, which includes chemical tank and agitator, while the feeding and pressurizing system will ensure that the dyeing process, the normal temperature The technical requirements of the fabric make it broad in applicability, and the color of the dye is also good.

          2. The degree of automation is high, the repeatability of the entire process is very good, and the operation and use are very convenient. The main reason is that the loose hair dyeing machine uses a computer control method, which promotes the entire dyeing operation process to be automated, reducing The operation of the dyeing process results in a defective operation process. The instructions of each function are controlled by an electrical system.

          3. The new design is selected, and the current domestic advanced and excellent production efficiency is used. The impeller in the pump can provide a large amount and sufficient space for the yarn dyeing process, so it has a strong penetrability and is suitable for dyeing. Highly difficult fabrics, and the dyed fabrics have very high color fastness and have a high leveling effect.


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