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          Air-flow dyeing machine effectively avoids fabric creases
          Feb 15, 2020

          Because the air dyeing machine is relatively fast in cloth speed, the main purpose is to increase the frequency of exchange between the fabric and the dyeing solution, and to ensure the uniformity of the fabric; it can also effectively shorten the entire fabric during storage. The static dwell time is relatively prolonged, which effectively avoids creases in the fabric. However, if it is a thin, high-count and high-density filament fabric, and the cloth speed is relatively fast, it is very easy to cause abrasion, but if the cloth speed is relatively slow, serious creases will appear. Phenomenon, for this kind of situation, the manufacturer should find a more suitable cloth speed.

          Because many knitted fabrics often show creases during the dyeing process, the main factor is that when knitted fabrics are knitted, a relatively large internal stress occurs during the process, and if the outside is in the radial direction, If the tension is relatively large, creases will also occur, and they are basically formed when the next encounter with water. Then in the subsequent dyeing process, the dye will have a difference in the adsorption amount at the crease, resulting in different shades of crease. If you want to avoid or reduce this kind of situation, you should improve it in the early treatment. You can use the air volume and the lifting roller line to match the speed, so that the fabric has a corresponding expansion process after leaving the cloth guide tube, and The position of the bundle is continuously changed to ensure that the position of the crease can be expanded relatively quickly.


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