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          Auxiliary use of high temperature dyeing machine
          Feb 25, 2020

          1. Auxiliaries: A suitable amount of leveling agent or dispersant can be added in the dye bath of the high temperature dyeing machine. The main purpose is to ensure the stable dispersion of the fuel. However, if the additive is added in excess, Will have the opposite effect.
          2. PH value: If it is under high temperature and alkaline conditions, the dispersed dye will hydrolyze, so the pH value of dyeing at high temperature is considered to be better at acidity.
          3. Temperature: The temperature is a key aspect of the operation of the high-temperature dyeing machine. Properly increasing the temperature of the dyeing can effectively increase the dyeing rate, so the work efficiency is also improved, and Effects, etc. However, the temperature at different stages also has different effects on the effect of dyeing. When the value exceeds a certain range, it will bring about a bad effect on the dyeing, such as the phenomenon of poor color and light, or directly dyeing Reduced effect, etc.

          Therefore, the high temperature of the high-temperature dyeing machine should be guaranteed to be 145 degrees, but it can be guaranteed to be between 120 degrees and 130 degrees. The temperature in this range is good, and the dyeing effect is also high quality, mainly the entire dyeing. All are more uniform. However, when the temperature reaches the specified value, it should be properly maintained for a period of time, mainly to facilitate the effective diffusion and penetration of the dye into the fabric. The retention time is between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, and the dyeing ends After that, you cannot quickly lower the temperature to avoid affecting the feel of the entire fabric.


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