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          Influence of air duct on the operation of textile stenter machine
          May 16, 2019

          The textile stenter machine is very important for the processing of the later textiles. After the treatment, these textiles can achieve better aesthetics. Among them, the air duct is the core component of the textile tenter drying room, and its performance can play an important role in fabric drying and heat setting quality and function.


          In order to achieve better production quality, relevant technical personnel have analyzed and studied the quality of the duct. After studying the performance of the air duct, it is found that if the taper is 6° and the baffle angle is 120°, the airflow field will greatly contribute to the drying of the textile tenter drying room. Heat setting work, however, the effect of baffle height and intake speed is negligible.


          The textile tenter machine is a device that performs post-processing on the products to be processed to ensure its stability. Then, in order to promote its work efficiency and production quality, researchers have designed related automatic control systems based on their mechanical structure. In this process, different operating procedures are closely monitored and adjusted, and real-time, fast and accurate transmission of control commands and field data is realized throughout the process.


          In addition, the relevant parameter settings are strictly set, and the data of the process has been monitored in real time, and is also equipped with alarms and other functions to effectively manage the production process and facilitate the control of the production process of the textile tenter.




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