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          Lubricating oil viscosity and oil temperature requirements of zipper dyeing machine
          Jun 20, 2019

          The volume of the zipper dyeing machine and the volume of the fuel tank are small, the amount of lubricating oil installed is also small, and the oil temperature during operation is high, which requires the lubricating oil to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. Because the environment of the mine is bad, coal dust, rock dust and water are more, the lubricating oil is inevitably polluted by these impurities, so the lubricating oil should have better anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties; When the performance changes are not too large, that is, the sensitivity to pollution is small.


          The zipper dyeing machine requires the viscosity of the lubricating oil to change with temperature to be small. It is necessary to avoid the viscosity of the oil becoming too low when the temperature is high, so that the lubricating film cannot be formed, the lubricating effect should not be achieved, and the temperature should be avoided. When the viscosity is low, the viscosity is too high, so that starting and running are difficult. For some printing and dyeing machinery, especially in some mines that are prone to fires and explosions, it is required to use a flame-resistant lubricant (anti-flammable liquid), and flammable mineral oil cannot be used. The lubricant is required to be adaptable to the seal to prevent damage to the seal.


          The dyeing machine operates without actually heating the flame or the main part of the welding drum, especially for the drum body or the drum cover and the lock ring. When the drum needs to be repaired, it is necessary to immediately contact our factory. In fact, we must also ask the professional to carry out maintenance. In this way, we must also avoid a series of safety accidents.


          Furthermore, if the dyeing machine is operated, the drum parts cannot be exchanged with other machine drum parts, and the parts of the same type of machine cannot be interchanged, or the fault will occur directly.


          When the dyeing machine is operated, it should also be locked at the "0" alignment. When its lock ring and "0" assembly mark, it will also directly cross the corresponding mark of the drum body at 25 degrees. In the above case, it is actually prohibited from being used directly; in addition, the dyeing machine cannot work under overspeed and under overload.




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