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          The advanced nature and superiority of the 3 layer mesh tensionless dryer
          May 21, 2019

          The 3 layer mesh tensionless dryer is an upgraded product of the single-layer dryer. Its main features are energy-saving and high-efficiency. It is mainly used for loose drying and hot processing of cylinders and open fabrics. The three-layer net is used for drying back, and the drying chamber has a large amount of cloth. The fabric is again over-fed and pre-shrinked during the drying process, and the hand feels soft and has no yin and yang. It is suitable for drying, pre-shrinking and slack finishing of various fabrics such as cylinder and flat.


          The three-layer net loose dryer absorbs the reasonable process flow of the single-layer dryer at the end of the cloth feeding and the other end, and the advantages of high output and low energy consumption of the double-layer dryer, overcoming the single-layer drying function. The high-cost, double-layer dryer has the disadvantage of unreasonable process flow in and out of the fabric. The three-layer dryer has three layers of mesh belts and the floating fabrics are rewound and dried. The process is reasonable, the efficiency is higher, and the design is more advanced.


          The three-layer net loose dryer has a large number of high-speed hot air flow bellows nozzles arranged in a staggered manner above and below the conveyor belt, so that the fabric runs strongly under large waves, is completely relaxed and gets the most possible back. Shrink, to achieve the perfect drying and pre-shrinking effect.


          In order to smoothly transfer the fabric from the upper conveyor belt to the lower conveyor belt, the three-layer net loose dryer conveyor belt is specially designed to be sloped, so that when the fabric slides from top to bottom with the help of the exhaust airflow, Can remain in the original position and does not form a pile. The fabric is dried in the lower oven and then introduced into a slanted conveyor belt at the discharge to the swinging bucket. The fabric can be naturally cooled during the conveying and swinging process.




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