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          Uses and characteristics of high-temperature jet type skein dyeing machine
          Feb 22, 2020

          High-temperature jet-type skein dyeing machines are more commonly used for embroidery threads, shoelaces, twisted polyester yarns, silk and nylon, and other twisted yarns. They can be washed, bleached, dyed, and refined.

          So what are the characteristics of high-temperature jet-type hank dyeing machine?
          1. Because the special design is adopted, even for high temperature, mixed flow pumps with high head, low energy consumption and large flow rate, it will not cause any impact on its characteristics.
          2. A new type of weir-type spray tube and dyeing tube, as well as a shifting rod for turning the yarn, are also used as an integrated design, so the dyed objects will not be knotted and entangled, and after the dyeing is finished, It is easier to rewind.
          3. The overall loss rate is very low.
          4. The water regulator is also specially designed, which can observe the yarn quantity, type and yarn count, etc., and can easily adjust the water quantity appropriately.
          5. Because the high-temperature jet-type skein dyeing machine has undergone structural optimization, the overall bath ratio is very small, which effectively saves raw materials and reduces costs to a large extent.


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