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          What are the advantages of the zipper ironing and setting machine?
          Jun 08, 2019

          The zipper ironing and setting machine of the ordinary nylon zipper tape is located on both sides of the fastener element, and the zipper tape is not flat enough, and needs to be shaped by a zipper ironing setting machine. The zipper ironing setting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a double-sided ironing device, a drawing device, a guiding device and a power device.


          In the process of ironing the zipper, the zipper ironing setting machine can not only fully use the upper and lower sides of the ironing board, but also does not cause the side of the ironing board to be idle, resulting in waste of energy. The upper and lower pressing plates simultaneously keep the separation of the ironing board. When the ironing machine does not run, it will not burn the zipper, which saves more than 50% of the electricity cost compared with traditional ironing equipment.


          Moreover, the guiding device of the zipper ironing setting machine provides the reversing resistance, which counteracts the influence of the pulling force generated by the tension of the zipper on the operation of the device; the pulling device maintains the pressure of the pulling pulley by the spring to improve the drawing effect; When the pulling pulley rotates faster than the feeding speed, a flat zipper belt with better tension is generated, and the excess rotation speed is pulled by the spring to force the bearing and the pulling shaft to slip by the tension of the zipper.


          In addition, the zipper ironing setting machine connects the spindle of the nylon zipper stitching machine through the connection of the gearbox, eliminating the need for external motors and reducing equipment; saving time and manpower compared to the original process. Moreover, the double-sided ironing shortens the length of the ironing board and is convenient to operate, and the production space is small, and the material turnover is more convenient.




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