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          What are the types of dye liquor exchange in the dyeing machine
          Feb 29, 2020

          The airflow dyeing machine mainly uses the principle of aerodynamics to circulate air instead of water and circulate the fabric in traction. Therefore, if it is compared with the traditional overflow spray dyeing machine, The above has been effectively reduced, but in the air dyeing machine, the fabric and the dyeing liquid can be divided into two main forms, the atomization of the air flow and the penetration of the air pressure.

          Firstly, the atomization of the airflow is mainly to pass the dyeing liquid through a relatively special nozzle, and then disperse it in the entire airflow. The airflow with the atomizing liquid is used to exchange the dyed fabrics with each other, so The fabric is pulled and circulated. During the entire exchange process, the atomized dyeing solution is not only large in the area of contact with the fabric, but also very strong in penetrating force to the fibers in the fabric, which effectively accelerates the dyeing solution in the fiber. The speed of the entire internal diffusion.

          Secondly, the penetration of air pressure is completely different from the airflow in the form. It also uses two nozzles, one of which is pure airflow and the other is liquid flow. Before dyeing the fabric, it needs to pass through the liquid flow. The nozzle can then exchange with the dyeing solution. After that, it will enter the nozzle of the airflow from the lifting roller. Because the airflow exerts pressure on the fabric on the dyeing solution, the fabric is non-traction. At that time, the speed of diffusion of the entire dye solution will be appropriately accelerated. From the current use situation on the market, the atomization and dyeing form of airflow is widely used, and the effect of the entire use is very good.


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