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          What is the transmission arrangement of the yarn bleaching machine?
          May 25, 2019

          Yarn bleaching machinee is mainly used for water quenching and bleaching of yarns, and the temperature is controlled within a certain range. The large amount of water vapor generated during bleaching should be removed in time to avoid water vapor entering the kiln. The overall structure of the yarn bleacher is similar to that of the two-speed short kiln. Because the yarn does not need to be cooled in the bleacher, the span between the two gears of the bleacher is very short.


          Due to the space limitation of the yarn bleaching machine, a new transmission arrangement is adopted. The main motor uses a variable frequency motor and a solenoid valve. The coupling with the main reducer has a hydraulic brake and is connected with a security power supply. The main motor stops; the pinion support device is eliminated, and the pinion gear is mounted on the output shaft of the main reducer to drive the large ring gear on the bleacher cylinder; the auxiliary drive motor and the reducer are integrated, and the main reducer outputs The shaft is arranged at 90 degrees and is coupled to the main reducer with an overrunning clutch.


          When the main motor is working normally, the auxiliary drive system is overrun by the overrunning clutch and disconnected from the main reducer. When the main motor is de-energized, the auxiliary drive is activated. At this time, the overrunning clutch is equivalent to the coupling, ensuring that the bleacher remains when the main power supply is interrupted. It can be rotated slowly to prevent the cylinder from bending and to facilitate maintenance. This transmission arrangement is compact, stable and reliable, and the speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the bleaching effect and output.



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