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          Working process and cloth discharging device of wool scouring machine
          Jul 04, 2019

          In the process of working with the wool scouring machine, the combined device of two or more machines operating at the same time can carry out multiple processes at the same time, and effectively complete various operations, such as a combine harvester and a combined shearer.


          Wool scouring machine for continuous padding of cotton-containing fabrics. Mainly by flat feeding device, uniform rolling car, infrared pre-drying machine, hot air drying machine, steaming box, flat washing machine, drying machine drying machine and flat cloth discharging device, etc. according to dye type and padding process requirements And should be as close as possible to the requirements of various dye padding processes.


          Before the wool scouring machine is installed, the cold water cooling drum is set as needed to meet the processing needs of the polyester-cotton blended fabric. In order to control the longitudinal chromatic aberration, a dye color difference control system, such as the Colorscan CMS online color measurement system, is used to perform the reciprocal scanning of the padded fabric with a spectrophotometer, and the color of the left, middle and right of the wet fabric is measured without contact. The value is displayed and then processed by computer to display the deviation between the measured value and the standard value at any moment in the image and numerical value, thereby controlling the rolling point pressure of the dyeing rolling mill.




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