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          Yarn dyeing machine process and durability
          Jun 15, 2019

          In the process of using the yarn dyeing machine, it is mainly suitable for dyeing cotton yarn, polyester cotton, polyester wheel, polyester wool, acrylic, nylon, hemp cotton, wool yarn and other yarn woven and zipper. With various types of creels, it can dye different yarns, such as cheese yarn, skein, warp yarn and loose hair.


          Yarn dyeing machine is suitable for bleaching, scouring, dyeing, washing and post-treatment of single-strand yarn, rayon, mercerized cotton yarn, silk, silk, fancy yarn and cashmere. This machine adopts special design and low energy consumption. The special pump with large flow rate improves the anti-cavitation ability of the pump, and solves the problem that the traditional type machine has low water quantity at high temperature and affects the dyeing quality.


          The new turbulent jet pipe of the yarn dyeing machine is durable, and the dyeing pipe is integrated with the tumbling shifting pipe. The dyed material is not entangled or knotted, and the dyeing is easy after the dyeing, and the loss rate is low. The special design water quantity adjuster can adjust the amount of water according to the amount of yarn dyed, the number of yarn counts and the number of types. The machine is optimized in structure, the bath ratio is reduced to (110~15), the raw materials are saved, and the cost is reduced.



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