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          China International Textile Machinery Exhibition Exhibitors
          Oct 31, 2018

          In addition to displaying products, business contacts, textile exhibition is also the best platform for many exhibitors to launch new products, communication and learning.

          The press conference of the German Federation of machinery and equipment industries was held at the exhibition site. Representatives of several companies expressed great concern about the importance of conserving natural resources and exchanged views on the latest developments.


          2018 Textile Machinery Exhibition Switzerland textile machinery enterprise conference held. At the press conference, many star company leaders introduced the highlights of this exhibition.


          Italian textile machinery enterprises held a press conference, 63 Italian manufacturing enterprises held the first day of the press conference, the latest scientific and technological achievements of the exhibitors were demonstrated.


          The 30th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition of China Textile Machinery Group was held at the exhibition site. The exhibition focused on the 30 years of development of China textile machinery and industry.


          The 110th anniversary of the founding of Bluja was held during the exhibition to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Bluja's founding and the 10th anniversary of joining China White Shark Group.


          Epson held the first launch ceremony of the Monna Lisa digital printer in mainland China.


          The signing and awarding ceremony of the Sanderson Lima Group and the Donghua University Scholarship Project was held at the 2018 Textile Machinery Exhibition.


          Biennial industry event, we harvest not only orders and customers, but also new views on the development of the industry, new requirements for their own upgrading. Many exhibitors also gave affirmative and valuable suggestions to the exhibition platform.

          In order to ensure the smooth holding of the textile machinery exhibition, the organizer optimizes the details from various aspects, ensures smooth convergence of all aspects of the exhibition, and helps exhibitors and spectators to connect efficiently.



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