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          Contact Us

          Contact: Toby

          Mob: +8618921102679

          TEL: +86-510-83394067
          Fax: +86-510-83383382
          E-mail: kdsales@wxkdyr.com
          Address:No.18 Yanyu Road, Qianzhou Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          Textile Roller Printing Machine

          Textile Roller Printing Machine

          Our factory produced KD series textile roller printing machine for more than 20 years. The user, who bought our printer, has good impression with our products. According to market demand, our engineer improved new type –horizontal type roller printing machine, some gear separating type roller printing machine.

          Product Description

          Our factory produced KD series textile roller printing machine for more than 20 years. The user, who bought our printer, has good impression with our products. According to market demand, our engineer improved new type –horizontal type roller printing machine, some gear separating type roller printing machine.

          Textile Roller Printing Machine Structure and Principle

          This machine adopts frequency conversion to adjust the speed, high efficiency and power saving ensures stepless speed regulating under slow running, wide range of speed regulation, high correction rate, high control accuracy, stable performance. Printing roller is bevel gear drive, steady operation and low noise.

          Oven adopts steam type electricity drying, temperature adjustable according to drying condition. We can supply automatic temperature control system(price will be changed).

          Textile Roller Printing Machine.jpg

          Textile Roller Printing Machine Main Technical Parameter

          1. Printing width: Below 1200mm,best printing width:1100-700mm

          2. Printing speed:3-60m/min

          3. Motor power: 2.2~7.5KW

          4. Shape size: Refer to drawing or manufactured according to customer’s request.

          5. Oven power:36~160KW(adjustable)


          Textile Roller Printing Machine Quick Details

          Type: Flexographic Printer

          Condition: New

          Plate Type: roller printing

          Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

          Brand Name: KD

          Model Number: KD-1200

          Automatic Grade: Automatic

          Usage: Paper Printer, Cloths Printer

          Color & Page: Multicolor

          Voltage: 220V/380V

          Gross Power: 2.2~7.5KW

          Dimension(L*W*H): According to customer's request

          Certification: ISO9001,CE

          Warranty: 13 months

          After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

          Packing: Standard container

          Delivery date: 10 days after confirmed

          Port: Shanghai

          Payment term: TT, LC

          MOQ: 1 set


          Textile Roller Printing Machine Application Feature and Range

          1. KD-910/1200/1600-1-4 type vertical type roller printer is characteristic products in our Chinese knitted printing & dyeing industry,it’s suitable for cotton chemical fiber, artificial fiber、blending knitted products and woven fabric.It can also design pattern to engrave according to client’s request,then single color or max. four colors printing, and achieve high quality printing efficiency with high fastness, brightr in color ,no need after-printing process.High capacity of continuous printing,about 50m/min,this solve the traditional problem:low capacity, bad quality, high cost, high labour intensity.

          2. KD-910/1200/1600-1-4 type horizontal type roller printer has five main features:  ①Occupancy area is small, ②easy to watch the pattern and check quality, ③high thermal insulation and high scattered humidity, ④pattern wigh high chromaticity in fabric,bright in color, ⑤,high capacity of continuous printing,45-60m/min.

          3. KD-910/1200/1600-1-4 type gear separated roller printer,improved the drive mode based on the previous two printers,this type printer has special features: ①steady drive,no noise, ②convient for changing the printing roller, ③high accuracy of registeration, ④side-to-sideadjustment ,more convenient.


          Our Advantages

          1. Our company is set textile printing and dyeing equipment development, manufacture, production through-train service. Our plant has been more than 20 years of history.

          2. We have a complete set of management system and a number of outstanding business management personnel.

          3. Sophisticated processing equipment and improve the quality system so that our company won a wide range of markets, products not only all over our country, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Arabia, Russia and other places.

          4. Companies not only provide excellent dyeing and finishing equipment, but also to provide users with the configuration of equipment and dyeing and finishing process.


          Packaging and Shipping


          Our Certifications


          Our Service

          1. We provide free technical service about textile roller printing machine and application issues.

          2. Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory.

          3. We provide process design and validation for free.

          4. We can guarantee on-time delivery of goods.

          5. Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.

          6. All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours.

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