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          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine

          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine

          KD-180 Type 12 colors rotary screen printing machine is suitable for cotton cloth, velvet cloth and mixed fabric.

          Product Description

          Model: KD-180 Type—1-18 colors—4-8 chambers

          Process flow: feeding→edge alignment→printing

          Application: It is suitable for cotton cloth, velvet cloth and mixed fabric.

          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine.jpg

          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine Main Technical Parameter and Model:

          1. Machine Direction: Right hand machine(face to feeding transmission on right side )

          2. Machine nominal width:1800-6000mm(Max. process fiber width 5700mm )            

          3. Blanket speed: 1~100m/min (Designed speed1~120 m/min)

          4. Color qty: 1-18

          5. Screen cylinder repeat: 640mm-914mm-1020mm   

          6. Printing mode: Open type magnetic bar printing

          7. Transmission mode: screen heads servo independent transmission.

          8. Conduction band self doffing.

          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine Structure:

          High quality box-type block structure, 6 colors/section,total 3 sections, 18 colors, decreasing machine span, increasing mechanical strength. Under frame adopts international B-type shape steel to weld. Improving soundness and stability of complete machine.

          Main drive:

           Standard reduction box drive, high quality of printing conduction band. Surface of driving roller grind texturing treatment and plate nickel phosphorus. Ensure high quality printing. Simple mechanical structure makes the maintanence very convenient.

          Deviation rectifying of conduction band: 

          Stability of conduction band based on guide pulley, under good condition of timing deflashing and correct conduction band installation, this organization can keep sure stable operation of the conduction band.

          Magnetic table: 

          professional magnetic table provides eveness printing permeation, magnetic table is the latest design CAD-CAM of elctromagnetic type coil, high precision mechanical contracture makes printing paste permeate uniformly,no left,middle,right chromatism, maintenance free.


          thermoplastic or hydrosol(customer chooses any type),glue thickness is adjustable when coating.

          Screen head chuck: 

          high tensile plane bearing which is fit for forced direction and improve service life.

          Paste pump: 

          Stainless steel pump body, equipped with manual and automatic control type, Level control through paste liquid feeler lever and PLC.


          Main drive system of printing conduction band:

          CAN technology and 485 communication, underlying data centralized processed in upper computer, speed control mode and control each screen head servo motor, achieve printing synchronous to keep sure printing efficiency. All the information showed to customers through human-computer interface, convenient to operate and manage. This system is reliable under condition of high temperature,high humidity,strong corrosion,strong interference.

          Screen head independent drive:

          1. Servo motor can control high precision registeration of rotary screen in circle of 360°,accumulated error code difference is within 0.08mm.Controller of main operation panel can change add to interchange convenient and directly.

          2. High performance transducer process encoder speed closed-loop control. Other transmission motor uses universal converter; transform the analog quantity type into digital quantity type system to ensure system synchro control precision.

          Electronical control of handpiece internal: 

          Printing units equipped with independent servo motor, advanced AC servo driver, each unit equipped width prefab cable connector, through optical fiber communication to keep sure printing precision of printer, Electrical system is very easy for maintenance.

          Main junction box: 

          used for voltage control, circuit distribution, chamber temperature control etc.

          Operation and monitoring system: 

          touch screen centralized control(in addition equipped with one set of button control together with touch screen);machine speed,output,stoppage and technological parameter etc. centralized display; touch screen can also provide parameter set of  register speed,register parameter,inserting precision,synchronous factor ,convenient for clients to design and modify according to products request.


          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine Drying Parts:

          1. Chamber mode: powerful spraying wind, three-layer hot air drying(efficient blanket length pass through is 54m)

          2. Heat source: oil heating

          3. Qty: 4-8 chambers

          4. Circulating fan transmission: motor is horizontal type thermostability F-level,long oil filler.

          5. Screen belt: Teflon grid thermo resistance≤ 250℃


          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine Chamber Main Structure:

          1. Feeding mode:  flat feeding.

          2. Distance between chamber and mainframe: ≤500mm

          3. Blanket passing mode: chamber 3-layer passing through blanket

          4. Chamber length: chamber is modular design, length is 3m/chamber

          5. Circulating fan: Each section chamber equipped with independent circulating fan, circulating fan motor is 7.5KW(AC frequency conversion control 15Kw * 6 chambers ),

          6. Air quantity and air spraying: each chamber air quantity is 12500m3/h,air spraying pipe spray air around from top and bottom (top blanket head to head blowing,middle blanket blow from top to bottom ),air spraying mouth is with air guiding baffle square structure, max.  air speed is 8-12m/s.

          7. Screen belt qty: one pcs, Imported American reinforced glass fibre material ,surface coated with Teflon, inland processed, strengthened edge, screen belt connector is withdrawing type quick disconnect coupling;

          8. Screen belt deviation rectifying and tension device: each screen belt with two limit switches on left and right side, one limit, deviation rectifying adopts mechanical switch, another is screen belt deviation protection control, screen belt deviation rectifying is pneumatic deviation rectifying, tension is left and right two cylinders tensioning; screen belt live-roller is seamless steel pipe surface zinc coating;

          9. Radiator: each chamber equipped with two radiators(radiating pipe is Φ58mm*1100mm,aluminium pipe rolling film type, inner pipe is Φ 32mmR steel pipe, wall thickness 2 mm, front and back cross arrangement, total 40 radiating area 120 m2/section).


          Max. temperature of chamber: 150℃~220℃, adjustable;

          1. Chamber temperature: Rack  is formed steel construction, door plank is Q235  cold-roll steel sheets with thickness 1.2 mm; thermal-protective coating thickness 100mm,superfine semirigid glass fibre plate(include chamber top and bottom);each chamber bottom with one air supplement windows;

          2. Temperature automatic self-control system: front and back chambers two sets of hot oil electric control valve, temperature controlled by PT100 platinum –nickel resistance through temperature control instrument;

          3. Chamber exhaust fan: three sets of standard centrifugal exhaust fans, motor power 2.2kw*3;

          4. Chamber driving system: chamber needs two sets of transmission device(Japan Ichinose), one set is chamber screen belt transmission(include motor 7.5KW,reducer and frequency converter),another is draw-out transmission(include motor 2.2kw,reducer and frequency converter).


          12 Colors Rotary Screen Printing Machine Main Configuration:






          Screen belt

          Shanghai products

          3250mm width


          Circulating fan motor

          Shanghai Dequshi motor Co.,ltd



          Exhaust fan

          Shagnhai General Fan factory

          T4-72 NO.5 2.2Kw


          Oil temperature control valve

          Shanghai brand



          Screen belt main drive roller

          Seamless steel pipe


          Guide roller contacted with blanket surface

          Stainless steel coated



          Tainwan Airtac products


          Bearings in chamber

          NSK JAPAN

          UC series

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