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          Rotary Screen Printing Machine

          Rotary Screen Printing Machine

          KD-240 Type 12 color rotary screen printing machine is used for cotton , blended, knitted and silk fabrics printing.

          Product Description

          Equipment Name: Enclosed independent drive rotary screen scraper printing head

          Model:KD-240-12 color

          Scope of Applicablity: Used for cotton ,blended, knitted and silk fabrics printing.

          Rotary screen printing machine technological process: Feeding cloth-Dust collection-Edge alignment-Expend width-Printing

          Rotary Screen Printing Machine.jpg

          Rotary Screen Printing Machine Main Technological Features and Specification

          1. Machine Direction:left hand machine(On left when faceing to feeding cloth drive)

          2. Mechanical Nominal Width: 2400 mm~(Max. processing cloth width 2200 mm)

          3. Cloth Speed: 6~80m/min(machine speed≥80 m/min)

          4. Printing color Qty.:12 color

          5. Cylinder Repeat: 640mm

          6. Printing Method:Scraper printing

          7. Printing Conveyor:Spanish Epp Bate

          8. Drive Method: Screen head Panasonic servo motor unit drive


          Rotary Screen Printing Machine Printing Device

          1. Feeding Device: Compsed of machine frame-steel plate bending forming ,leading roller and etc.According to different fabrics,it can adjust tension well,makes fabrics flat,no-wrinkle, and driving correctly on printing machine.

          2. Drivetrain: Type independent drive line by Dongyuan frequency conversion motor straight standard reducer drive printing conveyor and weft is complemented by three-roller weft principle, the swing angle of control roller is drived by the motor, the motor’s forward-backward start or stop signal is sent from two close photoelectric switch at the edge of the conveyor, if the conveyor is installed correctly, and trimming well, the machinery can ensure running smoothly ,slant range can be controlled within + / - 3 mm.

          3. Scraper: Stainless steel welded structure

          4. Slurry pump: Model stronger JB65 stainless steel pump, The structure of the inner gear is provided with two control of manual control and automatic control. Automatic control accomplish through the liquid level control lever and time relay.

          5. Pattern alignment regulation: The main body of the alloy aluminum casting, there are three types of pattern regulation;

          5.1 Vertical pattern alignment: unrestricted adjustment.

          5.2 Transverse pattern alignment: Accomplised by the thread structure, the adjustment range of +/- 10mm.

          5.3 Oblique pattern alignment: Acomplished by the eccentric structure, the adjustment range of + /- 3mm.

          6. Washing System:Afer one time of printing by conveyor, firstly wash away the the yarn head adhere on the surface ,  the residual glue, printing paste and other contaminants, then can  start the next cloth printing, conveyor washcing is composed of pre-washing and washing parts.

          7. The spray pipe flushing and sponge cleaning, to remove most of the yarn head and printing paste etc.

          8. The rubber scraper is arranged in a row, which is used for punching, scraping, rubbing, washing and drying. The sponge and scraper can be conveniently removed from the machine for washing.

          9. Sticking device: Hot sol gluing device

          10. Roller: The whole machine adopts the reinforced nickel phosphor roller. The composite cloth guide roller is used in the cloth feeding frame.

          11. Main beam: Adopt reinforced, replaceable new galvanized main beam.


          Printing Conveyor Main Drivetrain:

          High performance inverter for encoder speed closed loop control. The other drive motors adopt general frequency converter, is converted into digital type system from the former analog model, and ensures the synchronization control precision of the system.


          The independent screen head drive: the servo motor can be used to control the precision pattern alignment of the rotary screen in 360 degrees circle, and the accumulative error is controlled within 0.08mm. The controller of the main operating panel can change the address directly and conveniently.


          The head of internal electrical control system: printing unit equips Independent servo motors, the most advanced AC servo drive, each unit is equipped with prefabricated cable connector, through the optical fiber communication can ensure printing precision, electrical system maintenance is very convenient.


          Main distribution box:Used for voltage control, temperature control of drying chamber, and etc.

          Operation and monitoring system:It adopts touch screen to control centralized ( equipped with another set of control buttons, can be control -led together at the same time with the touch screen); speed, output, and fault process parameters on display; touch screen can also provide for the parameters of pattern alignment , speed, accuracy, cloth insertedprecision and synchronous coefficient, make customers set conveniently according to the requirements of the product modification.


          Our After-sale Service

          Rubber products warranty period is 6 months, the rest is 1 year in addition to wearing parts. Within the warranty period, in addition to loss of human factors, are guaranteed.

          1. Within the warranty period, if the seller's technical personnel is needed to the scene to detect, adjust the round-trip transportation costs, labor costs and the replacement of spare parts,is seller’s self-care;

          2. The maintenance of equipment testing and adjustment after 1 to 2 years, such as the need for the seller's technical personnel to the scene, the buyer is responsible for the cost of food and accommodation from scene to a costs and labor costs ,can be payed by seller for 1 time;

          3. The cost after 2 years later should payed by Buyer.

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