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          Contact: Toby

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          Heat Transfer Printing Machine

          KD-ZY340 Type heat transfer printing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Cheap price and high quality.

          Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set

          Port: Shanghai

          Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

          Delivery date: 30 days after confirmed

          Product Description

          Heat transfer printing machine Operational Principle

          Transfer printing means that use the special dyeing liquid by senior printing technology, put the needed flower patterns printed into special paper, made-up to transferring printing paper with various flower patterns. Then, on the transferring printing machine, knitting the printing paper and printed fabric, making the dye liquid sublimated, transferring to the printed fabric, forming various flower patterns.

          Heat Transfer Printing Machine Main Technical Features

          1. The main machine frame is unitary, firm and not easy to deformation. The instruction of transmission and guiding is a smart design and operated easily.

          2. The blanket is custom-made by foreign manufacturers, not easy to deformation, and has long service life.

          3. The roller cylinder is heated by oil, temperature control adopts micro-computer temperature control device imported from Japan, automatic correctly and sensitively, constant temperature, high accuracy, printing with no color deviation.

          4. Manual unwinding device, when temperature rise and down, take off the belt, it cans longer the belt’s service life.

          5. This machine has selvage page and packing paper device, lower the belt pollution, reduce washing times.

          6. The finishing product after transferring printing is no need to treat, the flower figures have bright color, and it’s soft and light, can keep colored weaving constant.

          7. The printing speed control adopts stepless speed regulation.

          8. Temperature range: room temperature: -280℃

          9. Total power: 130KW

          Heat Transfer Printing Machine Details

          Type: Heat Press Machine

          Condition: New

          Plate Type: Embossing printing

          Application: Suit for natural fiber, chemical fiber & other blended woven & knitted fabric.

          Original: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

          Brand Name: KD

          Model Number: KD-ZY340

          Usage: Cloths Printer, Paper Printer

          Automatic Grade: Automatic

          Color & Page: Multicolor

          Voltage: 380V

          Gross Power: 130kw

          Dimensions(L*W*H): 58000*5500*3800MM

          Weight: 2t

          Certification: ISO9001,CE

          Warranty: 13 months

          After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

          Packing: Standard container

          Delivery date: 30 days after confirmed


          Heat Transfer Printing Machine Technological Process


          Heat Transfer Printing Machine Configuration Requirements Note:

          1. Machine width:3400mm

          2. Effective width:3200mm

          3. Heating roller: Φ1000mm, length 2.1m, thickness 25mm, surface with finish machining.

          Use 320# high-temperature heat-conducting oil.

          Heating tube: stainless steel, 48 pcs

          Main bearing: Model 53624(Northwest)

          4. Blanket: made in Shanghai, thickness 9mm, in non-human factor corruption case, normal service life is over 2.3 million meters.

          5. Electrical device: SCR controls, Fuji microcomputer temperature controller, self-setting correctly and sensitively, stable temperature, high heat-efficiency, printing with no color-difference. Other electrical device use ZhengTai China Brand.

          6. Automatic inlet frame: inlet device use photoelectricity system to EPC (edge position control), feeding regularity and easy to operate, inlet with electronic eye, no-tension guiding roller 2 pcs.

          7. Swing to outlet: install cold-air box, do cooling process during printing, can prevent second transfer during accumulation. Besides, equip with static eliminator.

          8. Double winding device and double unwinding device: retracted paper-roller 6 pcs, manual debatching device, it can not take off belt when heat-up and heat-down.

          9. This machine is fitted with the full lining, lining the edge device.

          10. Main drive: 175:30 turbine reducers,

          7.5kW variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor.

          Printing speed: 0-45m/min


          List for The Main Parts of Heat Transfer Printing Machine

          1. Inlet frame 1 set

          2. Host for one

          3. Exit frame 1 set

          4. Electric box 1

          5. Batcher 1 set

          6. Center machine 1 set


          Our Certifications


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