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          Contact Us

          Contact: Toby

          Mob: +8618921102679

          TEL: +86-510-83394067
          Fax: +86-510-83383382
          E-mail: kdsales@wxkdyr.com
          Address:No.18 Yanyu Road, Qianzhou Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          Steaming Equipment

          • Digital Printing Continuous Steamer

            Digital Printing Continuous Steamer

            KD-160-320 Type digital printing continuous steamer is encircled hanging steamer with no tension traction. It is suitable for steaming of all kinds of cloth which including elastic knitting cloth etc. Inside the steamer, the fronted cloth and roller are untouched form each...Read More
          • Loop Steamer Machine

            Loop Steamer Machine

            KD-200 Type loop steamer machine is used for steaming fixation and drying of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber and blended woven、knitted and non-woven fabric, gram weight of each square meter : 56~450g/m2.Read More
          • Yarn Continuous Steamer

            Yarn Continuous Steamer

            KD-200 Type yarn continuous steamer is used for steaming all different kinds yarns of wool,polyester and blended wool(bulk).Read More
          • High Temperature Steam Ager

            High Temperature Steam Ager

            KD2 Type high temperature steam ager is developed on the base of standing steamer. We remove the old disadvantages. It’s bright in color, own large capacity, high automation, easy operated and save energy etc. It’s the ideal steamer for mass production.Read More
          • Fabric Steaming Machine

            Fabric Steaming Machine

            With the function of ageing and fixation, KD-Q851-250 type fabric steaming machine is suitable for knitting, woven and silk fabric.Read More
          • Normal Temperature Steaming Machine

            Normal Temperature Steaming Machine

            KD2 Type textile normal temperature steaming machine is applicable to steam different kinds of small fabric models in normal temperature and normal pressure, electrical heating or steam heating style.Read More
          Wuxi Kangda is one of the leading steaming equipment manufacturers and suppliers certified by CE, ISO and DAS. Welcome to buy steaming equipment for sale at competitive price from us here. Also, customized service is offered in our factory.
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